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Rubin and Zyndorf May 19, 2023

Call us if you’ve been injured in an accident.  Why?  Because we handle your claim honestly, professionally, and with the competence you deserve. 

We know that recovering from injury is difficult.  Now more than ever, you need to be on top of your finances to make sure your bills are properly paid, and your obligations covered.   The medical bills need to be reviewed for accuracy since the initial billings often contain inconsistent and conflicting information.   Physically, you may not be in the best condition to handle your day-to-day responsibilities, and it may be necessary to grant someone a limited power of attorney so that your financial or legal affairs can been addressed.

After the accident, you may start to receive a flurry of telephone calls, solicitations or advertisement letters from a variety of sources seeking to provide you with “assistance” for your accident claim.   Your name and address was likely downloaded off the internet by businesses that cull the listing of recent auto accidents and pulled your name and address directly off the traffic crash report.  Many of these solicitations are simply middlemen who promise to represent you, but later, pass your claim off to another entity for further handing.   While many of these services provide valuable information, we recommend that you consider your options before making a selection of medical provider, attorney, etc..   Talk to your friends, relatives, friends and neighbors about their experiences in this regard.  When selecting a law office, you should be concerned about the lawyer’s prior experience and reputation in the general community.  Is your claim going to be handled by only one attorney, or are several attorneys responsible for the results you receive?  How long have the attorneys been in practice.  Have they been located at the same location for many years?  Normally, if an attorney has been in practice for many years at the same location, that is a good indication that they likely provide a good level of quality legal service, since to support a law office, they need to have a good client base and are easily identifiable in the general community. 

You should feel free to make an appointment, at no cost with the law office, to meet with the attorneys to discuss your claim openly, and honestly, so that you may secure an assessment of the various issues which may arise in furtherance of your interests.   Remember, a competent law office will never quote a fee over the telephone, and after the initial meeting, there is never a charge for providing an opinion regarding the extent of legal services necessary to further your interests.  Beware of attorneys who promise you a discount or quick settlement.  Until all the facts underlying your claim are laid bare and assessed, making any prediction regarding the overall value or monetary result is foolhearty and unprofessional.   Every claim needs to be fairly reviewed so that you receive the result you ultimately deserve.  Also, you should be careful when selecting a medical provider.  If you’ve had a family doctor for many years, it may be inappropriate for you to start treating with someone you have never seen before without first obtaining a consult or referral from your family doctor. 

Finally, it is important to remember that your injury, which is now an insurance claim, takes time to prepare in order to properly document your damages.  Be patient.  When you rush to settlement you will likely miss receiving the appropriate level of compensation for every element of your claim, but more importantly, you may be prejudicing your legal interests by signing a Release Agreement which, not only cuts off all your future claims, but also the claims of your various medical providers who will likely need to provide you with continuing care and treatment.  

If you’ve suffered an accident injury, it would be our privilege to serve you.  See our advertisement on this page.  A telephone call to our office is the best method to further the process of healing.

Daryl K. Rubin is a General Partner in the Law Firm of Rubin-Zyndorf and Associates.