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Posted on February 17,2016 by lawrzwp

Whether you live in the Toledo area, or live in a surround county, our office can help you maximize the financial compensation you are owed due to an injury. As experienced attorneys in the Toledo area with significant expertise in personal injury, auto accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death claims, workers compensation claims, social security disability claims and medical malpractice claims, Rubin-Zyndorf and Associates can be your Toledo attorney to represent your voice to be heard.

Because we are selective in our choice of cases and personal in our interaction with our clients, we only take on certain types of cases, specifically auto insurance claims. We don’t seek to collect as many clients’ as possible, but rather, work on building a relationship with our clients through personal representation and relationship so that a mutually meaningful result can be achieved. We have unique experience dealing with insurance companies in the Northwest Ohio area, and that means we can get you fair compensation for your injuries, damaged property and other expenses, unlike some other firms which have no knowledge of the local economy.

Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Understand Your Claim

Rubin-Zyndorf has been working with insurance companies for over Fifty (50) years. Unlike other attorneys who are unfamiliar with the local economy, Rubin-Zyndorf can offer its clients a clear perspective on their case. We are very familiar with most insurance carriers and understand how and why they make their decisions. We understand the various approaches insurance companies utilize in evaluating personal injury and wrongful death claims, and understand what needs to be promoted in order to pressure a favorable settlement. Quite simply, Rubin Zyndorf is more likely to secure the benefits you deserve than you could otherwise do on your own

We Can’t Best Serve You Without Knowing You

From the very start, we work with you to promote your interests. We meet with you personally to discuss your claim, and follow-up later with personal meetings when other issues arise. You will deal directly with our attorneys when problems or questions arise. We answer all your questions promptly, and explain your various options so that you keep apprised of developments of your claim. We will always accessible, whether by phone or internet, and will meet any time when circumstances require. We promptly return your phone calls. (actually, if we are in court, we may need to take a message. But, if we are at the office, we always respond).

We keep you informed and advise you promptly of any pertinent dates and court proceedings where your appearance is required. When it’s all over, most of our clients tell us that they feel they like they are ready to take a law school exam based upon the eye-opening extensive legal information they have accumulated through our active representation of them. We know the law can be very confusing and we do whatever is necessary to ensure that you understand what is happening, why, and what the likely outcome will be. And, when it’s all over, we would recognize you on the street and greet you by first name.

Beating Insurance Companies Means Being Aggressive

When we get started, we do everything necessary to maximize your interests. We work hard to get a good resolution of your claim. We locate witnesses, obtain police reports, take photographs, employ accident reconstruction experts, investigators, photographers and others to assist in building your claim. If necessary, we will also secure the services of expert witnesses on your behalf to ensure that the appropriate standards of care are brought forth to the Judge or Jury when your claim is finally decided. We prepare each case like it will proceed to trial, and do not settle quickly when we believe the claim has considerably more value.
We Win Cases With All Types Of Injuries:

  • Punctured organs
  • Broken bones
  • Organ injury
  • Brain Damage and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Fractures and Dislocations or joints
  • Spinal and Back Injuries
  • Serious Burns and disfigurement
  • Severe facial Laceration
  • Permanent injuries

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