Saving Is For Suckers

Posted on February 15,2016 by lawrzwp

What can you do for me? What can you give me? How much can I have, and when can I have it? Sound familiar? It’s the sound of ingratitude. It’s the sound of defeat, of conciliation and despair. Is this the America we want for our children? Or, is there something better. We live in a culture that demands immediate gratification. If you can’t have it now, it’s not worth waiting for, much less worth working for. Why wait until tomorrow?

Saving is for suckers. Just purchase it today, easy terms, easy credit. You can pay for it over time, and, after all, the banks are willing to lend you the money, for a nominal charge, so why wait? Sound familiar? It should for it represents the abandonment of values that formed the bedrock of democracy and made our country great. Capitalism, where an individual’s efforts are richly rewarded, has been supplanted by a society looking for a quick fix and immediate gratification. It you want it, you can have it. Why exert the effort to save for tomorrow when we can have it today? Buy that car. Purchase that house. Layaway? Installment plan? Whynot? It’s easy. Just promise to make timely payments and it’s yours. I suppose, in certain instances, a little longterm financing is okay. After all, everyone needs a home to live in and a car to drive. Without an installment payment, virtually no one could own a house or automobile. And, after all, why rent when that same payment can be paid on a mortgage, working towards something you can ultimately own? The problem is that our children don’t really understand the ethic of hard work. We have sheltered them through their childhood, and they have wanted for nothing. But now, as they prepare to leave their homes, are they prepared for the world outside? From high school, they see a dwindling job market of low-paying, service-oriented jobs, with all the good jobs requiring qualifications their public education failed to provide. They are bombarded by corporate merchandisers and mass media marketers who intoxicate them with sophisticated messages that tell them what they should want, desire, think, feel, and believe.

Isn’t it the drive to live for today instead of tomorrow that contributed to the current financial heartache reverberating through Wall Street and boardrooms across the nation? Happiness should be more than a pair of Abercrombie jeans, Reebok shoes, and a Starbuck’s buy-one-get-one-free Café-Mocha gift card. College education? Who can afford it? Financing? You need a job for the bank to look at you. And, collateral? What’s that? You can get a job in the fast-food industry. Isn’t McDonald’s hiring? What can you buy with your $7.00 per hour gross income for what they call a full-time, 35-hour-per-week job? Virtually nothing.

So, here we are. Our young people are looking outwards over the landscape of our land of opportunity without
a clear path forward. Is it any wonder that family values have deteriorated, our moral compass has been confounded, and our laws have been disregarded? Where did all the good factory jobs go? That’s right, over hill, over dale, and overseas where people will work for less because they have less, never had anything,and have no expectations beyond surviving for another day. So, it’s time to get in line. Don’t you deserve unemployment? Don’t you deserve a federal subsidy? A handout? General relief? Medicaid? Food stamps? Why work when you can get it for free. And, why wait to start a family. You can have children today, a defacto family without the need for an expensive marriage, and the government will pay. Have we created a society of dependents and taken away the tools for them to care and provide for themselves? Isn’t it time for a change. Isn’t it time to develop a new paradigm for employment that works? Perhaps you’re a new graduate from high school or maybe recently unemployed. The government should provide the financing needed to obtain employment. Government should partner with industry and assume a percentage of the weekly employment payroll to give industry a needed respite from oppressive labor costs. For all eligible employers, government should be required to pick up the tab for an employee’s weekly salary upon a firm commitment by industry that employment levels will be maintained despite cyclical downturns in the economy.

What you say? Government paying industrial labor costs? Outrageous! But, isn’t that what’s happening right now? Look around. The government is already supporting large swaths of our population. Why not create opportunity at the same time you create a handout? By allowing industry to reduce their labor costs because employees are highly subsidized by the government, wouldn’t we be also creating the impetus for increasing our industrial output? Wouldn’t we be improving our prospects for new business startups, development, and expansion? Isn’t this the best method for Investing in America? Shouldn’t the message be, if you want public support, you’ll need to work for it? But, then again, who wouldn’t want to work if work truly provided more than a subsistence level income. Productivity gives purpose to life, and having a dream within reach gives life meaning.