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If you have been injured in a car accident in Toledo, our attorneys are here to assist you. At Rubin and Zyndorf you will find car accident lawyers who have handled hundreds of cases successfully. We provide our clients with assertive representation, attention to detail, and a results oriented approach. As a car accident victim, you can seek damages for injuries caused by the other driver. They are liable to you for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Our attorneys will make sure that your case is handled efficiently for the best outcome.

Our goal at Rubin and Zyndorf is to protect the rights of the injured and give our clients the assertive legal representation they deserve. A car accident is a traumatic experience and as you focus on your recovery, you can depend on us to get supporting evidence, procure expert medical and witness testimony, and plan a winning strategy for the benefit of your case.

After an auto accident, there are many things that take place including managing your medical bills, dealing with the insurance companies, and figuring out how to continue to pay living expenses. Our attorneys with decades of expertise, can assist you during this challenging time. We will explain all of the complexities involved and stand by your side until your case is successful.

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