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Welcome to Rubin & Zyndorf. If you’ve found yourself in need of legal support and assistance in the wake of a motorcycle crash in the Toledo area, trust our motorcycle accident attorneys to provide the representation you deserve..

As seasoned lawyers and personal injury experts, the professionals of Rubin & Zyndorf understand what you may be going through at this time. Not only do you have the physical pain of an injury and the trouble of bills and repairs, but you might also be feeling insulted by another’s lack of care when driving on the road with motorbikes. It’s an unfortunate truth that some drivers do not like to share the road, and you have been a victim of that opinion.

If you or someone you love have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you have every right to seek financial compensation. Even if there is already talk of a settlement, we may be able to secure a higher amount for you in the end. The sooner you get in touch with us, the faster we can get started on obtaining your compensation.

Too often, motorcycle crashes involve very serious injury, and even death. If you believe that your family has suffered a wrongful death due to the carelessness or negligence of another driver, do not hesitate to get in touch with our lawyers.

For the motorcycle accident attorneys you can rely on for solid support and representation in Toledo, call Rubin & Zyndorf. We will be glad to tell you more about our caring and contingency based services.

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