Scaffold Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries or Death in Bowling Green

Posted on December 04,2018 by lawrzwp

Scaffolds are common in construction sites in Bowling Green, especially on larger jobs where workers must get to places that are high above ground. As you might guess, there is a certain amount of danger that comes with being on the scaffold. While construction sites, in general, are dangerous due to large pieces of equipment that are in use and high degrees of activity at any given time, workers on scaffolds can be especially at risk when safety rules and regulations are not followed adequately.

One of the keys to winning a case where scaffolds may be the cause of an accident is determining who is at fault. This can be more complicated than it sounds because many parties could be involved, especially on a large commercial construction site.

Scaffold Accident Cases Require Specialized Legal Knowledge

Scaffolds present their own unique safety issues. The Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) rules and regulations are essential, as they stipulate how scaffolds should be built and maintained, as well as what safety precautions must be followed. An experienced construction accident attorney has the specialized knowledge required to properly represent scaffold accident victim.

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