Crushed Leg, Rodding Open Left Femur Fracture

Full recovery - our client received fair value


Death Claim

Decedent was cut-off while riding at night, single-vehicle accident - no witnesses - settlement on behalf of decedent’s children - policy limits


Death Claim

Client was killed in an intersection accident, strong comparative negligence claim - we recovered policy limits paid


Crushed Foot

Foot was crushed due to defective pallet knee meniscus tear- client returned to work


Broken Leg & Right Ankle Fracture

Client made a full recovery, client received fair value


Torn Medial Meniscus

Food Store - our client slipped and fell due to a defective display case - client received fair value


Death Claim

Significant comparative negligence, we recovered for minor children


Herniated l5-S1 Disc Due to Lifting Accident

Client made a full return to work


Right Fibular Fracture & Shoulder Dislocation

Full recovery, the client returned to full employment


Client Sustained a Head Injury

School system failure to maintain appropriate safety measures, sovereign immunity defense overcome, comparative negligence defense overcome


Patellar Fracture

Car turned in front of our client - she sustained a patellar fracture, cruciate ligament tear, open reduction and fixation: client returned to work - client received fair value