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Toledo Injury Law Firms

Rubin and Zyndorf Feb. 4, 2019

Results are important. While you’re recovering from your injuries, it’s important to know that someone’s working behind the scenes to protect your interests. We understand what happens after an injury. Your primary focus is on getting well. The doctors and nurses have assured you that you’re making progress. The last thing on your mind is lawsuits and finding a Toledo lawyer who will represent your case and get you the maximum settlement available. Your mind is focused on recovery, but your household bills won’t wait. The mortgage, electric, gas, and telephone bills start to pile up, and your family starts to worry about what’s going to happen to them. What about your job? Will your employer hold your position open for you until you return? Didn’t you have a union bargaining contract?

Suddenly, you’re inundated with unsolicited letters from attorneys and medical providers offering services which were, not only never request by you, but really unwanted. It seems so cold and callous for someone who doesn’t even know you, or your family, to mail you a letter, out of the clear blue sky, and offer to provide you with services. We strive for a higher standard, one of human integrity with dignity for all. Our task, as auto accident attorneys, is to get the best possible result for our clients and to handle your case with excellence. Our clients come first.

How to Locate Toledo Injury Law Firms

As a premier Toledo Personal Injury Attorney, Daryl Rubin works hard to help you understand the system, and make things right for you. His partner, Sol Zyndorf, is also a decorated and tenured Toledo Injury Lawyer. Together they act as a buffer against those who would take unfair advantage. Rubin & Zyndorf push hard to make sure you are fairly compensated for your claim, so you can recover and get back to living a healthy sustainable life. If you are looking to locate Toledo Injury Law Firms, check out AVVO and other online review boards. You can read client testimonials and reviews from injury victims, just like you.

Whether you live in the Toledo area or live in a surrounding county, our office can help you maximize the financial compensation you are owed due to an injury. As experienced attorneys in the Toledo area with significant expertise in personal injury, auto accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death claims, workers' compensation claims, social security disability claims, and medical malpractice claims, Rubin-Zyndorf and Associates can be your Toledo attorney to represent your voice to be heard.

Because we are selective in our choice of cases and personal in our interaction with our clients, we only take on certain types of cases, specifically auto insurance claims. We don’t seek to collect as many clients’ as possible, but rather, work on building a relationship with our clients through personal representation and relationship so that a mutually meaningful result can be achieved. We have unique experience dealing with insurance companies in the Northwest Ohio area, and that means we can get you fair compensation for your injuries, damaged property, and other expenses, unlike some other firms which have no knowledge of the local economy.

Submitting an Injury Claim in Toledo

Rubin-Zyndorf has been working with insurance companies for over Fifty (50) years. Unlike other attorneys who are unfamiliar with the local economy, Rubin-Zyndorf can offer its clients a clear perspective on their case. We are very familiar with most insurance carriers and understand how and why they make their decisions. We understand the various approaches insurance companies utilize in evaluating personal injury and wrongful death claims and understand what needs to be promoted in order to pressure a favorable settlement. Quite simply, Rubin Zyndorf is more likely to secure the benefits you deserve than you could otherwise do on your own

From the very start, we work with you to promote your interests. We meet with you personally to discuss your claim, and follow-up later with personal meetings when other issues arise. You will deal directly with our attorneys when problems or questions arise. We answer all your questions promptly and explain your various options so that you keep apprised of developments of your claim. We will always accessible, whether by phone or internet and will meet any time when circumstances require. We promptly return your phone calls. (actually, if we are in court, we may need to take a message. But, if we are at the office, we always respond).

We keep you informed and advise you promptly of any pertinent dates and court proceedings where your appearance is required. When it’s all over, most of our clients tell us that they feel they like they are ready to take a law school exam based upon the eye-opening extensive legal information they have accumulated through our active representation of them. We know the law can be very confusing and we do whatever is necessary to ensure that you understand what is happening, why, and what the likely outcome will be. And, when it’s all over, we would recognize you on the street and greet you by the first name.

Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Toledo, OH

When we get started, we do everything necessary to maximize your interests. We work hard to get a good resolution of your claim. We locate witnesses, obtain police reports, take photographs, employ accident reconstruction experts, investigators, photographers and others to assist in building your claim. If necessary, we will also secure the services of expert witnesses on your behalf to ensure that the appropriate standards of care are brought forth to the Judge or Jury when your claim is finally decided. We prepare each case like it will proceed to trial, and do not settle quickly when we believe the claim has considerably more value.

We Win Cases With All Types Of Injuries:

  • Punctured organs

  • Broken bones

  • Organ injury

  • Brain Damage and Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Fractures and Dislocations or joints

  • Spinal and Back Injuries

  • Serious Burns and disfigurement

  • Severe facial Laceration

  • Permanent injuries

Let us know how we can help you by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION today with one of our attorneys.

Free Injury Consultation in Toledo

Most competent attorneys will tell you if your claim is of the type which does not require legal representation, so you have very little to lose. When you’ve been injured, it is highly likely that your mind will not be focused on preserving your legal rights, but rather, just dealing with the enormity of recovery. It is important to bring all your energy to bear on that which is most important- the process of healing. Let the attorney take care of the other matters, such as the paperwork and documentation necessary to establish your claim.

Acting as a filter, an attorney can tell you what is important information and what isn’t relevant to resolving the issue with your best intent in mind. Although many things may look to have importance when evaluating an accident claim, many items don’t and merely serve to distract consideration to the issues of greatest concern. As experienced Toledo attorneys, we will help you focus your energy on presenting the strongest parts of your claim while minimizing the weaknesses. You should have little to no contact with the insurance companies. We become your voice in the courts and to the insurance companies because we know how to deal with them and win. Insurance companies are geared to minimize your claim, and will give you little to no direction on how to adequately document your injury so that you may achieve an optimal result.

We will handle the paperwork and ensure that no one takes advantage of you. Remember, when you hire an attorney, we become a member of your team seeking the same thing you do, a good recovery. Your best first step would be to contact us for a meeting so that you get a feel for how serious the issues really are. We endeavor to make the complicated issues understandable so that we can prove your rightful claim in court.

Lucas County Personal Injury Lawyers

When you meet with our attorneys, there is never a charge for the initial screening. We do not pressure you to sign anything, and only after we have made a complete explanation and evaluation of your claim are you given an opportunity to retain our services. We believe that the very best client is the one that sees the value in our services, and wants to work as hard as we do to present the merits of your claim.

It is important that you feel confident in us enough to trust us to obtain the best result for your claim. We don’t tell you something that isn’t true, nor do we inflate the values or information we provide to give you anything but a clear and accurate picture of the problem. After all, there is nothing worse that an unhappy client, since unhappy clients lead to unhappy lawyers. And unhappy lawyers make unhappy homes. Our kids like us better when we come home happy.

As Toledo expert attorneys we will discuss openly and objectively the nature of your injuries and facts surrounding the accident. If we feel we can represent you fully, we will tell you the options, at which point we would provide you with a simple agreement to sign which spells out in plain language the nature of our agreement.

After signing the agreement, we will undertake to investigate your claim; contact witnesses; obtain accident reports, records, photographs, medical records; and secure necessary witness statements. With your authorization, we will obtain any records which you could otherwise obtain to maximize your result.

Plus we work on a strict contingency fee basis, which means, that we don’t get paid unless you get paid. So, basically, we are joined at the hip from beginning to end.

After we have been retained, we will contact anyone who was responsible for the accident, including their insurance carrier and adjuster to advise them or our representation of you. We make sure that all communication with insurance carriers or adjusters is directed to our office so that you may concentrate on getting back to full health without being distracted by legal machinations. We don’t want you speaking directly with insurance companies since their interests and yours are in direct conflict. You want to receive an optimal result, while they want to pay a sub-optimal result. We will investigate and build your case in order to maximize your right to compensation.

Much of what we do will take a considerable amount of time. When we write away for your medical records, the hospitals and institutions funnel our request into their system, and sometimes, it can take several seeks for a reply to be forthcoming. And then, when we do receive the reply, many times important documentation is inadvertently omitted, requiring a further request for documentation. So, depending on how meticulous the medical provider is in complying with our information request, the time it takes to assembly your documents can vary.

My mother used to say, “I have no Patience for Details”.

My father use to say, “Patience is a Virtue”.

The notable judge once said: “Spare me the Details”.

Wisdom comes to the man that knows which fight is the right fight. We will do everything possible to prepare your claim, but remember, every claim is different, just as each individual is different. The fact that your friend, Billy, reached a settlement within 2 weeks of the accident has no bearing on the time it will take to bring yours to conclusion. Perhaps Billy, in his haste to get his claim settled, settled for too little or failed to take every legal requirement into consideration which would have created a greater benefit to him.

Every injury case has different circumstances and elements, and each are dependent on the professionalism, personality and style of the medical providers involved. Some doctors are good advocates for their patients, while others are detached and aloof and seem to be unconcerned about the financial impact the injury is having on your livelihood. Other doctors have open hostility to insurance companies and lawyers. We try to help by corresponding to the doctor to explain our function and goal in representing your claim. It is our belief that most doctors have your best interests at heart, and it is only a small handful that make your effort to secure compensation difficult.

For serious injuries, obtaining information from doctors can take time. It is important not to pester the doctor with unnecessary paperwork since it takes considerable time and effort for the doctor’s staff to photocopy medical records in compliance with our request. We try to make our request for documents at a time when your medical treatment has wound down to a point where the doctor is very close to concluding his services on your behalf. In that way, we know that the doctor will likely photocopy all your records and not inadvertently miss something crucial.