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How Dashcams Can Help Your Car Accident Case

Rubin and Zyndorf Nov. 16, 2020

A dashcam is a dashboard-mounted camera that records the view from a car’s front windshield, and often from the sides and rear as well. Dashcams come in all sorts of sizes, models, and price points, so it is easy for consumers to pick and choose a version that works best for them.

Dashcams were once primarily used by truck drivers and people in law enforcement to monitor their surroundings, but now motorists buy dashcams for all kinds of reasons. Some like the additional security a dashcam provided when their car is parked; if someone breaks into their vehicle while they are away, the driver may be able to use the dashcam to locate the culprit. Lyft, Uber, and taxi drivers may use dashcams to monitor the interior of their vehicle in case there is an issue with a passenger.

However, one of the most significant uses of dashcams is for determining the causes of car accidents. Similar to an airplane’s black box, dashcams can be recovered from crashed cars to reveal what was going on just before disaster struck.

If you have been injured in a car crash and want to sue the at-fault driver, dashcam footage is incredibly valuable as evidence. Seeing actual video footage of an accident and the circumstances leading up to it can help insurance companies, lawyers, judges, and anyone else involved in your case clearly identify who is responsible for a crash.

Dashcam footage can help drivers with a car accident claim on their hands in many ways, including:

  • Establishing who was at fault for an accident when there is a dispute between parties about what happened

  • Helping police more easily identify a hit and run driver

  • Preventing insurance companies from wrongfully denying your claim or committing fraud

  • Expediting the car accident claims process

  • Fighting wrongfully issued traffic citations

Dashcams are completely legal in Ohio and can act as a major asset if you find yourself injured in a car accident. Though the video captured will vary in quality and scope depending on the model of camera you purchase, any dashcam video at all is beneficial evidence, so don’t think you need the latest high-tech model. Our firm recommends installing one dashcam in the front of your car and another one in the rear with memory. This way, if you are involved in an accident you can provide evidence without worrying about losing the footage.

If you have been hurt in a car crash in Ohio, our Toledo car accident attorneys are here to help. To get the compensation you deserve, dashcam or not, call or contact us online.