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Commercial Truck Accident Attorneys in Toledo

Rubin and Zyndorf Aug. 14, 2019

Toledo and Lucas County get a lot of freeway traffic. Cars, motorcycles, and big rigs speed up and down our roads.. Coast to coast truck drivers pass through our Toledo and Lucas County on a daily basis. Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf are commercial truck accident attorneys in Toledo. Filing an 18-Wheeler accident injury lawsuit is a bit different than a standard car crash claim. See, when two regular vehicles collide we usually sue the party at fault. With trucking accidents, we may have to sue a corporation.

Rubin & Zyndorf is an award-winning Toledo Injury Law Firm. We’ve won over One Hundred Million Dollars for our clients. In fact, we may have won the most money for accident injury victims in Lucas County, OH. Suing a trucking company after a crash may have some complications. Our law firm knows how to handle complex injury litigation claims. It may even be possible for you to sue the company and the driver. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, call our law firm now.

Types of Commercial Trucking Accident Cases

Lots of people think that trucking accidents are solely related to 18-wheelers. While we obviously take these types of accident cases, they are not the only type of commercial trucks that cause crashes. Think about all of the large vehicles or trucks you see on the road. Every day FedEx and UPS trucks zip through our town delivering packages. Grocery store trucks carrying produce arrive in Lucas County daily. When you moved to Toledo did you rent a Uhaul? Well, these are also classified as commercial trucks.

Taking a commercial trucking company like Knight-Swift or JB Hunt to court isn’t easy. We’re talking about extremely large companies with even large pocket books. This means they have the money to fight a claim. Fortunately for our clients, so do we, and we’ve successfully won well over $100,000,000.00 for injury victims. If you’ve been hurt in a trucking accident, and you want to sue for the maximum amount of compensation, call us now.

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH

There are vehicle accidents every day in Lucas County. Some crashes end in simple fender-benders, where the damage is limited to the vehicle itself. Sadly, other accidents end in tragedy. Rubin & Zyndorf are Catastrophic Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH. Trucking and 18-Wheeler accidents tend to cause much more damage than simple car accidents. Large payloads create a higher level of force, and too often, these types of crashes lead to fatalities.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a trucking accident, our condolences go out to you and your family. While you are grieving right now, and no amount of money can bring back your loved one, it still may be necessary to file a lawsuit. If your loved one has children, those kids will need financial support. We can help, and we can fight to make sure your family is protected financially. Keep reading to learn more about filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Ohio.

Lucas County Wrongful Death Attorneys

Lucas County Wrongful Death Attorneys Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf know how to litigate tragic accident cases. First and foremost, our law firm wants you to know that we are here to help. The point of filing a wrongful death lawsuit isn’t to bring back or replace your loved one. Unfortunately, if your loved one has young children, or if your loved one was the main financial supporter, you may need help. Our job is to fight for your families financial rights. Call us now to schedule a free consultation.

What Happens if A FedEx or UPS Truck Hit Me?

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, FedEx and UPS Trucks are still commercial trucking companies. We can help if you’ve been injured by a driver of these organizations. Not only can we help you file a claim against the company, but you may also have a claim against the driver. If the truck driver was negligent, say they were drunk or driving unsafely, you may have two claims. If you have questions about filing an accident injury lawsuit please call us today. We have decades of success litigating complex injury cases.