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Car Crash Lawyer Toledo

Rubin and Zyndorf May 10, 2019

Car Crash Lawyer Toledo is a commonly-searched term after an auto accident. It makes sense. After a collision, especially when injuries are sustained, people want to reach for legal assistance. Most people are well aware that even though insurance companies say they will step up and pay a claim, too often they do not. We wanted to take a minute to discuss why this happens. Insurance Firms are global financial corporations. They make money by taking in premium payments and investing that money to yield a return. Paying out injury bills and repair costs eats away at profits. This means insurance companies pay attorneys to fight submitted claims.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car crash in Toledo, call our law firm today. Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf have nearly half a century of combined personal injury experience. Serving all of Lucas County, Rubin & Zyndorf has won over one hundred million dollars for Toledo accident victims. We offer free consultations and can even visit you in the hospital. Call now to receive a free case evaluation.

Best Car Crash Lawyer in Lucas County, OH

A lot of people who search for an attorney online want to know who the best is. While we understand that this is a rational thought, it doesn’t actually work that way with lawyers. What is important is to find the best car crash lawyer in Lucas County, OH for you and your claim. The Law Offices of Rubin & Zyndorf is a highly awarded, decorated Toledo Personal Injury Law Firm. From AVVO to Martindale Hubbell, both attorneys have been recognized for over three decades.

When suffering from a car crash-related injury, the last things you want to worry about are medical bills and auto repair costs. Mr. Rubin and Mr. Zyndorf will meet with you to discuss your case. They will investigate your claim to help determine a possible outcome. Best of all, there are no fees unless you win, and those fees come directly from the settlement. Not from out of your pocket.

Car Crash Lawyer Toledo Reviews

If you’re still wondering who to select as a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney, check out online reviews. Reading car crash lawyer Toledo reviews is a great way to determine which law firm is best suited for you. Rubin & Zyndorf have fought for the financial rights of injury victims for over 35 years. From submitting car accident injury claims to litigating wrongful death lawsuits, both attorneys have won countless awards. Call us today to schedule a free car crash consultation.