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Benefits of Hiring a Toledo Injury Attorney

Rubin and Zyndorf Oct. 6, 2019

If you’re taking the time to read this article then chances are you’ve been injured in an accident. Most people who have gone through the process of filing an injury claim learn quickly that insurance companies make things difficult. Regardless of what insurance companies advertise online or claim in television commercials, too often, they tend to run for the hills when you need them to pay out on an injury claim. So, what legal options do you have when you get the run around from an insurance company? Well, for starters, you can contact a lawyer who handles accident cases. There are lots of benefits of hiring a Toledo injury attorney. In our opinion, hiring an injury lawyer is vital to your claim’s success.

But what is the real value of utilizing a personal injury law firm to manage your claim? That’s what we aim to tackle today. Accidents can and will happen. While we would all love to believe that insurance companies will be there when we’re hurt and need money, the truth is far different. Insurance companies have billions of dollars. They hire professional adjusters, underwriters, and high-powered attorneys to protect their interests. However, you too can hire specific lawyers to protect your interests. You have options, and legal rights, after an accident. Retaining an attorney may be beneficial.

The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Toledo Injury Attorney

Lots of clients call us when they get hurt. Our law firm has been fighting for the rights of injury victims for over 35 years. In fact, we’ve won well over one hundred million dollars for our clients. Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf are two tenured, trial-tested injury litigation lawyers. Our Toledo personal injury attorneys know how to protect an accident victim’s financial interests. However, there’s much more to hiring an injury attorney than just getting paid after an accident. So, what else can an injury attorney do to help you after an accident?

Daryl and Sol are more than attorneys, they are injury advocates. Yes, our firm’s job is to fight to get you paid after an accident. However, there are more benefits to retaining a lawyer after an accident. In our opinion, here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a Toledo injury attorney.

Complex Paperwork and Convoluted Contracts

Insurance companies love to cover their backends. Have you ever sat down and tried to read through an insurance policy? Between addendums and policy riders, attempting to comprehend your coverage limits can get confusing quickly. Insurance companies use complex paperwork and convoluted contracts as ways to protect their financial rights, so they can wiggle out of a settlement. Our Toledo Personal Injury Attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience. We know how to deal with insurance companies.

Negotiating Top Dollar Settlements

While our attorneys sift through the endless amount of paperwork and red-tape insurance companies love to throw at injury victims, we negotiate a financial payout. Now, our opinion is that insurance companies LOVE to use “low-ball dollars offers” as a way to push victims to take the money and run. Simply put, sometimes the opportunity cost for an insurance company is better suited when they offer a small amount of money, hoping that someone who’s hurt is desperate enough to take what they can get. We, however, believe in negotiating top dollar settlements for our clients. We’ve done this successfully, as we’ve won over $100,000,000.00 for accident injury victims.

Preparing an Injury Claim with Proper Documentation

Too many legitimate injury claims get denied simply because they were not submitted correctly. You have to understand that the person reviewing your injury claim does not know you. They have no idea about your character, moral values, and their job is to question and scrutinize your claim. Insurance fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars per year, and fraud is rampad in the injury insurance business. However, one big benefit of retaining an injury attorney is the preparation of your claim filing. Our injury attorneys have decades of experience with preparing an injury claim with proper documentation. This can help speed things up, plus it may help a claim from being denied.

Getting Paid Quickly After an Injury

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is about the length of time it takes to get paid. Getting paid quickly after an injury is a major priority of ours. We know that injuries cost victims tens of thousands of dollars. Hospital bills, medical expenses, rehab costs, not to mention vehicle repairs, rental cars, and living expenses. We believe that insurance companies take your claim much more seriously when an attorney is representing you. The insurance company knows that an injury attorney understands the law and that if they don’t pay out on a legitimate claim, they may end up in deep trouble. We fight to get accident victims paid quickly.

Peace of Mind and Healing After an Accident Injury

We believe the number one benefit of hiring a lawyer is peace of mind and healing after an accident injury. Look, when you’re hurt you only want to focus on healing and getting better. Some injuries are minor, and some are major. Regardless, you need time to recover. Dealing with lots of paperwork, arguing with insurance companies, and stressing over money doesn’t help an injury victim relax. By hiring our injury law firm we take the stress and burden of dealing with your claim off of your shoulders.

No Upfront Costs Associated with Hiring an Injury Attorney

There are no upfront costs associated with hiring an injury attorney at Rubin & Zyndorf. Our Toledo Personal Injury Attorneys do not charge clients a penny upfront. We only get paid if you get paid first. In addition, even our injury consultations are free. If you would like to discuss a potential case please call us today. Daryl and Sol are top-rated Toledo Injury Lawyers. You will get to meet with Daryl and Sol personally, and they will take time to answer your questions.