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5 Things a Personal Injury Attorney Can Do for Victims of A Mass Shooting

Rubin and Zyndorf Sept. 1, 2019

Odessa wasn’t the first, and if we don’t do something quickly it won’t be the last. Regardless of your political views or feelings about gun control, all rational people are fed up. Too many innocent people, including children, have died. From El Paso and Charleston to right here in Dayton our country keeps getting rocked with these senseless acts. Here are 5 things a personal injury attorney can do for victims of a mass shooting.

  1. Fight for the financial rights of the victims family and children

  2. Handle legal issues like life insurance policies and death benefits while your family grieves

  3. Shield you and your family from media and investigator questions

  4. Answer legal questions and concerns you and your family may have

  5. Provide peace of mind and assistance with your legal and financial needs

In this article, we will discuss each one of these items in detail. If you have lost a loved one in recent mass shootings our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. Please keep reading, or if you would like to talk to us now, call us today.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH and Fighting for Victims Rights After a Mass Shooting

Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf are award-winning injury lawyers. Our law firm has won well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars for injury victims. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, our Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo know how to fight for victims' rights after a mass shooting. After the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to worry about is filing a lawsuit. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you and your family grieve and try to heal.

As of right now, there seems to be no end in sight to a mass shooting in the United States. Whether you vote Republican, Democratic, and regardless of your opinion on gun control and gun rights all of us have sad hearts today. If you’ve lost a loved one in the Dayton mass shooting, or in ANY of the mass shootings, we can help. Here are the top 5 things we feel we can offer victims family members.

Fighting for The Financial Rights of The Victims Family and Children

Number one on our list if fighting for the financial rights of the victims' family and children. After a loved one passes you need time to grieve. Sadness, anger, and fear are normal parts of the healing process. Unfortunately, there’s a financial aspect of this as well. While it’s not the first thing you worry about, and no amount of money can ease your pain, you still need to protect the victims, immediate family, and children.

Our Toledo Personal Injury Attorneys FIGHT to get your family the maximum amount of money possible. Children need financial support. Nowadays most kids stay at home into their early 20’s. If the victim has a young family we can help obtain the largest financial settlement possible. Contact us now to learn more about filing a wrongful death lawsuit after a mass shooting.

Handling Legal Issues Like Life Insurance Policies and Death Benefits While Your Family Grieves

After losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence many people opt for a wrongful death claim. From botched surgeries and fault product lawsuits to drunk drivers who cause fatal car crashes, we’ve handled it all. However, if you’ve lost a loved one due to one of the recent mass shootings you have more complex litigation issues ahead. We can help handle legal issues related to life insurance policies and death benefits.

You and your family need time to grieve. Unfortunately, some of these legal issues relating to financial contracts, and they need to be handled right away. Our Toledo Injury Attorneys take care of this for you. By retaining our law firm you give us authority, or power of attorney, to act on your behalf. This lets us protect your best interests and fight to get you paid all while you grieve and morn the loss of your loved one.

Shielding You and Your Family Allowing You Time to Grieve

After a mass shooting the FBI, local Law Enforcement Agency, and the Media may have LOTS of questions. On top of these types of probes and inquiries, your loved one may have life insurance policies. Insurance companies are going to demand information if you’re trying to get paid out of these policies. Even worse, the insurance company that holds the policy may try to wiggle out of paying the money they owe.

You DO NOT want to deal with these headaches, especially when you’re trying to grieve. Retaining a personal injury attorney can give them the authority to represent you and answer on your behalf. This may help provide you and your family the “alone time“ you need to try and recover as much as possible.

Answering Legal Questions and Addressing Your Families Concerns

If you’ve lost a loved one in the Dayton mass shooting, or in any recent negligent act, you may have a lot of questions. One of the things that may help you and your family cope is getting answers to your questions. Our law firm is here for you, and if you choose to retain us, we will be there for you every step of the way. If you have questions about filing a wrongful death lawsuit, or if you have concerns about providing for a victim's children, call us right away.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest things we believe we help with is adding a bit of peace of mind. Look, this is a horrific time in your life. If you’re reading this article after losing a loved one we cannot begin to tell you how sorry we are. During the next few months, you and your family will need time to cope and heal. You will also be faced with lots of legal and financial issues. We can help tackle the legal aspects, allowing you time to grieve.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH

There are a lot of Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH. Not all of them have the track record of our law firm. Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf award-winning injury lawyers. Our law firm has won well over $100,000,000.00 for our clients. That’s more than one hundred million dollars and counting. Filing a wrongful death claim or suing after a mass shooting isn’t easy. We consider these types of issues complex personal injury litigation cases. Lucky for the clients we are large injury settlement attorneys.

If you would like to discuss your family's legal options after losing a loved one in a mass shooting please click here. Our law firm wants to do all we can to assist the family members of victims who have lost their lives in these senseless acts of evil. We’re here to help day and night, seven days a week. Call now for a free consultation.