Back and neck injuries can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering

Posted on February 21,2017 by lawrzwp

There are many types of injuries that take place due to the negligence of someone else, but none are more devastating that those involving a back or a neck.


Nearly half of all spinal cord injuries that occur are due to automobile accidents, following by falls and people who are the victims of violent crimes.  From these, fractured vertebrates are the most common back and neck injury.


What makes neck and back injuries so devastating is that these regions are the main support systems for the entire body, and when they are damaged, permanent and crippling injuries can often result.  This may include paralysis or a permanent pain that can radiate out to all parts of the body.


Attorneys who represent clients suffering from back and neck injuries in Toledo must prove negligence to be able to secure compensation for their clients.  For example, this may mean if a person was driving recklessly, or perhaps driving drunk, and they caused an accident in which a person suffered back and neck injuries, they could be held liable for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation.


In Toledo cases where the injury is permanent, there is a good chance larger sums of compensation will come into play.  While the dollar amounts involved may be more, the downside of this is that legal proceedings will be more complex and drawn out as an insurance company attempts to limit its exposure.  It is not uncommon for some cases to drag on for years as a result.  Recognizing this, part of a law firm’s duties are to prepare a client for the long haul, doing what they can to allow a client to move forward with their daily lives as best they can until the case can be resolved.


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